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Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony is transforming communications by enabling organisations to put in place a single telephony platform that meets the needs of all employees, regardless of their location and regardless of the device, they choose to use.

Our cloud-based telephony solution enables you to gain the telephony services your business needs on a simple monthly bundle or pay-as-you-use basis, improving the way you communicate with your customers, increasing collaboration and ensuring maximum productivity of every employee regardless of whether they are in the office, at a remote site, working from home or on the road.

Key Services

Why go Hosted

Traditionally organisations would purchase a PBX telephone system for their office. They would then have to decide upfront how many extensions they were going to need and the generic functionality required by every user. 

With hosted telephony, there is no investment required in infrastructure. You leverage a carrier-grade platform that is hosted and fully managed in the cloud. You then gain ultimate flexibility of deciding on a month-by-month basis how many users you wish to support and individually what capabilities you want to deliver to these users.

Reduced Cost

No upfront capital investment, no ongoing support fees and reduced call charges – paying for only those users and functionality you need.

Reduced risk

By detaching your business communications from your premises and leveraging a fully redundant cloud platform.

Increased agility

Ability to flex up and flex down both number of users and capability. The ability to support every user in every location.

Insight & control

Comprehensive reporting on how your business communicates and capturing critical interactions

Improved capabilities

Access to a comprehensive range of business telephony capabilities that continues to be extended.

Key Benefits

Call and user management

  • Ability to define geographic and non-geographic numbers and individual user DDIs.
  • Manage call filtering including blocking specific prefixes and allow and deny lists.
  • Automated call forwarding when required to extensions, external numbers and mobiles.
  • Management of authorisation and account codes to enable project or customer billing.
    Extension status monitoring and comprehensive reporting.
  • Option to take your number out of area/exchange.


  • Feature rich voicemail solution at both extension and system level.
  • Capability for users to personalise and configure their mailbox.
  • Unified messaging send voicemail into email inbox for easier operation.
  • Ability to retrieve messages remotely or forward messages as email.

Call features

  • Desktop application to view recent call history and a simple click to return call.
  • Full PBX capabilities including call hold, transfer, park and pick-up.
  • Support of Calling Line Identification Presentation for both internal and external calls.
  • Customisable number presentation.
    Standard or customised music on hold
    Do not disturb

User Productivity

  • Personal web portal enabling each user to manage their own telephony environment.
  • Click to dial from system wide and personal directories and support of speed dial.
  • Ability to support multiple devices and enable simultaneous ringing across devices.
  • Personal conference bridge enables third-party to be brought into a call.
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