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Adstent provides dependable round-the-clock IT Support, IT Management and IT Services. keeping companies cyber secure in an insecure world.  Accountants, solicitors and architects partner with Adstent to maintain compliance with regulations. Our services cost less than employing full-time IT staff to keep your data safe from Cyber Threats.  We provide  up-to-date Technology expertise that lets you focus on running your business without interuption.

91% of customers stop doing business with companies who are using old technology

Free IT Support Audit

Our audit provides a full picture of your IT capability, faulty practices and weaknesses plus recommendations…

Unknown, unchecked computer errors could expose you to theft or fraud. 

Compatibility problems – are workstations and devices communicating safely?

Is there sufficient bandwidth to get maxim productivity and ease of access to your company data locally and in the cloud?

Business-critical data issues: Is the data which when exposed could threaten your business or damage the public perception of your business handled and kept securely?

Non-compliance with data laws – Have you taken measures to protect customer data that meets legal and regulatory requirements?

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Key Services


We take care of all your technology infrastructure including computer, networking, hardware and software components…

Our vast knowledge of different IT systems and configurations will help your business achieve its objectives in the shortest time, reduce risk and at the least expense.

We complete a full Infrastructure audit, analysing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for future improvements. The goal of the audit is to best understand how to configure your IT environment to suit the needs of your business today and tomorrow.


We facilitate Cloud computing with the delivery of on-demand computing resources — everything from applications to data — over the internet on a pay-for-use basis…

We help you implement and manage the 21st century technologies available from trusted world-renowned companies.

Your infrastructure, application or storage services is now safely and securely available as a subscription at a return on investment similar to traditional ownership .

You pay a fixed monthly amount for cloud services and we take care of flexibility, reliability, configuration, scalability, compliance and security.


We can implement a disaster recovery plan (DRP) that keeps your business operational n the event of a disaster or cyber attack…

As we move more to a paperless office, we create creating more and more electronic data with most companies doubling their data output every 12 months. Regulations require we keep this data safe for protracted periods.

We analyse how and where data is stored, then remove the starin of ensuring data integrity, storage, retention, recovery, cyber security GDPR requirements.

Cabling vs Wifi

Some devices work best when hardwired and we know the best and most cost-effective way to do it…

Our audit looks at all the legacy cabling to make sure it’s up to date or if a simpler cabling structure may best work.

Moving premises needs advance planning to continuity and maintain productivity. It is an ideal opportunity to improve upon the past

Internet Connectivity

A huge portion of our business day revolves around internet connectivity. A business today relies on email and the ability to research online, so a stable, fast internet connection is vital…

Most people have at home and for many small businesses it is more than adequate for their needs. The bandwidth is limited by the number of users and therefore data rates can vary during the day. Maximum speeds will also vary depending on the distance your business is from the Exchange. Typically speeds downstream(downloads) are 1Mbps and 20Mbps and upstream (uploads) less than 1Mbps.
Provides a huge speed and bandwidth increase on ADSL. These connections typically offer download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps. Fibre Optic is more reliable than standard ADSL and contention rate is much lower.
Is tailor-made for businesses and normally delivered over fibre optic. It is a dedicated, uncontended line that offers full-duplex (up and down). It can offer bandwidths ranging from 1 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. The perfect solution for businesses that have more that one site and want to connect those sites.

“Professional, Reliable and Efficient.”

Bernie Joseph,  Chartered Accountant

“I’m letting someone log into my computer once a week...You want to deal with people you trust.”

Nikki Olins, H&Y Furniture Boutique

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