IT Solutions for the Legal Profession

The Legal sector has highly demanding and specialised requirements for their IT infrastructure needs. It also needs to comply with the data protection regulations all businesses operate under, but also has to meet the additional regulations enforced by Solicitors Regulation Authority and other professional bodies.

Adstent provides cost-effective and reliable IT consultancy and support services for legal practices of all sizes, from sole practitioner to larger law firms with offices in several locations.

We understand that for many practices your IT needs be available 24/7 to allow you to deliver the best legal service to your clients. We work proactively to maintain and secure your IT infrastructure which is vital part component what will allow you to succeed in today’s competitive market:

  • By developing a business continuity plan that reflects the needs and requirements we will understand the risks and property mange them day to day to ensure your systems are always available and working optimally whenever you need them.
  • By auditing your existing IT Systems and processes we can identify problem areas with the view to fix them before they become an issue affecting your practice.
  • By implementing regular maintenance schedules we will ensure the systems are always patched and performing optimally, always ready for your future success.

The main benefit for a law practice of partnering with Adstent is the fact that you do not have to worry about working with multiple technology suppliers and being safe in the knowledge that we will be managing your IT, leaving you free to deliver the legal services that your clients expect.

With the number of cyber-attacks growing at an alarming rate adapting a best practice approach to professionally manage the risks associated with technology allows us to deliver highly secure systems what benefit our clients.

Our IT security packages are designed to keep both your client’s information and practice data 100% secure and backed up, allowing you to protect your reputation and focus on what you are good at – looking after your clients needs..