IT Solutions for Other Professionals


In the growing world of malware or ransomware and viruses, it is vital that your company and your client’s information is kept safe and secure. It is critical that all professional organizations regardless of size, establish effective and robust cyber security strategies.

As architects, engineers, management consultants, designers or other professionals you not only have to secure your own data but that of your clients, suppliers and subcontractors. GDPR regulations will shortly add to the level of complex security management needed to keep data safe and how you can use the data in your company.

Professional practice owners and partners face increasing pressure to provide assurance and demonstrate to all that information security systems are designed, developed and implemented effectively to protect a wide range of stakeholders.

At Adstent we take time getting to know you, your requirements, needs, and desires and deliver a cost-effective solution which is designed to meet your objectives:

  • we deliver a robust, tried and tested solution that has been specifically designed for you, to maintain and manage your systems and to prevent you from following a victim of cyber security threats
  • we monitor and proactively patch our clients’ infrastructure which results in higher level of security and compliance
  • we scan your network in real time for three kinds of threats—sensitive data, vulnerabilities, and inappropriate access permissions which ensure that we can take appropriate action before the issue starts affecting your bottom line

Protecting your organization’s and your client’s digital assets is our at most priority.

Our experts will help you navigate through IT security, compliance and data protection issues. We provide the experience, so you can relax knowing that everything is in hand.

We believe that IT should empower your business growth and we are keen to demonstrate how with our help you can make informed decisions that can have a positive impact on profitability and how you operate your organisation.