We spend a lot of time and effort on designing solutions to prevent our customers from becoming victims of cyber crime. Unfortunately, no responsible consultants can guarantee 100% security due to the IT industries dynamics. New threats are discovered and reported on a daily basis, and whilst developing a solution they are referred to as zero-day threats. Which is why there is often a period of time between discovery of the threat and the time before a remedy is developed.

That’s why we at Adstent pay a lot of attention on making sure we can recover our customers’ data and restore their systems in the unlikely event that they crash or become infected.

We spend a lot of time educating our clients about the need for disaster recovery plans. On a daily basis, we design and test Disaster Recovery Plans for our customers to ensure a successful recovery.

A correctly designed Disaster Recovery Plan is a documented policy of what to do in the unfortunate event of catastrophic system failure, regardless of its cause. System failures can be intentional (hackers, rough employees actions) or unintentional (complete hardware failure, destructive human error) or other unforeseen events (such as fire and flooding).

Designing a plan should not be seen as a luxury only large multinational corporations have. Plans need to meet the IT needs and demands of each individual business. The impact of not having a properly developed plan will have a great and long lasting negative effect on a business’s bottom line.
At Adstent, in order to cover every possible scenario, we test all the Data Recovery plans we design. That way if anything unfortunate happens both the business owner and IT Support Company understand their roles and work as a team towards the resolving the issue, with minimum disruption.

Starting now makes the recovery much simpler, quicker and cheaper, greatly reduces the disruption to the business and significantly increases chances of full recovery, so your IT disaster story can have a happy ending.