Network security

Did you know… on average businesses can only review 56% of their daily security alerts. Just under 16% of these are legitimate alerts and yet only half get solved

(source: Cisco)

Any network can be vulnerable (Bangladesh Bank lost a staggering $81m in one attack in 2016). The trick is to anticipate where and reduce the risk. As internet security specialists, we constantly strive to strengthen your network through…

Daily safety checks – worried about losing income-generating time to tedious daily IT monitoring? We can check remotely, overnight, any anti-virus defences, servers, software, anti-malware cover, email security…

Entering the internet of things – how many of your devices are web-linked? We’ll monitor and protect them all, including any CCTV networks

Regular health reports – worried your software, firmware and/or hardware is outdated? We’ll constantly monitor your network security, recommend improvements and help you draft company security policies and guidelines

Installing/updating firewalls – can you spot an infected, fake or rogue website? We install high quality firewall programs to stop viruses and malware frompenetrating your network

No hidden costs – were you expecting extra bills? No need! We cover your complete system including any add-ons after you sign up for our all-inclusive, managed service

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Adstent Network Security Data Sheet