Mobile phones & tablet security

Did you know… in the first half of 2016, security software company McAfee scanned 150 million apps from various app stores and found 37 million carried malware

(source: Luminet)

Mobile devices pose one of the highest IT security risks. Most lack firewalls to keep out unwanted traffic, link to unsecured wifi, can be used to download malware through repackaged apps … and get lost or stolen. As internet security specialists, we make mobile protection a key priority by…

Treating phones as what they are: mini-computers – do you ‘respect’ the power of your mobile? A hacked phone or tablet offers cyber criminals easy entry to your system, so we can’t install anti-virus, anti-malware and -ransomware prevention programs quickly enough!

Installing/updating firewalls – not considered internet protection for your phone? It’s a highly insecure device, so comprehensive mobile security measures are key

Using two-part user authentication – do you know how easy it is to hack a mobile? We can substantially increase phone security by requiring both a password and for example, a biometric fingerprint/voice print or app, for true two-factor authentication

Deleting data remotely – ever lost your phone? We set up security programs to wipe your phone data and prevent criminals using it as a tracking device in the event your device is lost or stolen

Making public wi-fi safe – ever risked sending a quick email using insecure public wifi? Don’t! We can set up a safe virtual private network which links direct to your company’s secure network but still uses public wi-fi

Securing business data – do you get business and personal data mixed up on your mobile? We can set up a protective wall around your business files and encript them to keep them separate from your personal information

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