Managed Workstations

Did you know… only 38% of global organisations claim they are prepared to handle a sophisticated cyber attack

(source: Luminet)

The number of data-laden screens on unattended workstations at any one time can indicate if an organisation takes its cybersecurity seriously. At Adstent, we pre-empt disaster by putting safety measures in place from the bottom up. We do this by…

Making computers secure round the clock – forget to log off at lunchtime? We install programs that require a separate password to wake up your machine up from sleep mode

Speeding up computers – do you have a slow machine you still think has a shelf life? Adstent IT audits identify unreliable devices that need urgent replacement to avoid breakdown, reduced productivity and lost revenue

Updating software regularly – do you ignore screen reminders to update because it will delay your work? We update all software automatically and remotely overnight

Sorting out user access – do you have confidential data that should not be shared with all staff? We can set up access privileges, so staff can only see the data they need to ensure they only access information required to perform their duties

Securing company data – do you fear data loss when a PC crashes or a hard disk corrupts? We supply triple backup on –
and offsite, automatic email encryption services, and including a full range of anti-virus and anti-malware programs

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Adstent Managed Workstations Data Sheet