IT audit

Did you know… 91% of consumers will stop doing business with small businesses they know use outdated technology

(source: Microsoft)


‘Keep quiet but change it now’ is one of the most positive ways forward for companies when IT audits reveal just how much they are relying on outdated technology. At Adstent, our auditors highlight the best route for all our clients, spelling out…

Our offer of a free initial audit – When did you last get a full picture of your IT capability? When we first work with you, we provide a free, initial, one-off audit, a full report and ‘to do’ list to bring your IT estate up to speed

Faulty IT practices – what don’t you know about your IT system? Could unknown, unchecked computer errors expose you to theft or fraud? We’ll advise on best practice

Compatibility problems – do your PC, Mac and Google Chrome workstations really talk to each other? Do you have the correct broadband band width to give you the best access to your company data in the cloud? We will identify any weaknesses and recommend solutions

Business-critical data issues – Are you protecting data that could really threaten your business if it was leaked? Or are you exposing data that could potentially prove detrimental to the public perception of your business? We’ll focus your internet security where it really counts

Non-compliance with data laws – Do your customer data protection measures meet legal and regulatory requirements? Did you miss that latest law change (and the penalties for not complying if data does leak)? We’ll check how you store customer data so it remains secure and meets the latest legal requirements

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Adstent IT Audit Data Sheet