Email security

Did you know… spam makes up 65% of all corporate emails, of which 8% are malicious. Around 95% of data breaches start with phishing attacks

(source: Cisco, SANS Institute)

Email is an easy route to catch a computer virus yet all companies rely on it to do business. As internet security specialists, we insist on safety first. We’ll save you time and money by setting up…

Business class mail servers – do email failures lose you customers? We install business class services like Office 365 that clean up all spam and replace less suitable consumer products such as Gmail

Multi-level anti-virus filters – worried you lack time to install/update adequate software? We’ll constantly monitor and renew your filters

Encryption programs – do potential data leaks keep you up at night? We encrypt your email to guarantee it remains secure

Staff training – tempted to open intriguing but unknown attachments? Don’t! Let us teach your staff to recognise malware and delete it instead

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Adstent Email Security Data Sheet