Data security

Did you know… 46% of companies suffered online attacks or computer breaches in 2016, almost double the number in 2015

(source: DCMS)

Keep your data safe or you’ll never know who might come calling online (in one recent attack, personal details of up to 500 million Yahoo! user accounts were stolen). Stolen data can then be sold to and used by cybercriminals to infiltrate users’ other accounts. As internet security specialists, we’ll set up your own ‘Fort Knox’ by…

Backing up data – how sure are you of retrieving data in an emergency? At Adstent, we’ll back up all your text and data files, using business-class data storage and restoration programs

Encrypting your files – do you need to keep sensitive information on your laptop or phone? We’ll set up automatic encryption programs that are highly effective during activities that can leave your system vulnerable, such as during data transfers

Using business-class data storage – did you know that business class data storage systems are far less prone to hardware failure than home storage? We’ll install a system that guarantees you fast access to specific data whenever you need it

Creating ‘for your eyes only’ access privileges – do you want company secrets to stay secret? We can set up a password-based access system to allow different levels of access to different data

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Adstent Data Security Data Sheet