Data backup

Did you know… 72% of businesses shut down within two years of a major data breach

(source: Guardian)

A global survey found 33% of companies have lost data while upgrading operating systems or transferring information between machines – and that’s before cybercriminals get to work. As internet security specialists, we make data backup an absolute priority for all our clients. We do this by…

Leaving no device unturned – worried how long it takes you to check your systems? We constantly monitor all IT equipment and give you regular reports

Data Back Up servers


Creating fast, easy access to restored data – do you fear any access delays will affect profits? We run programs to cut your recovery time from days to minutes

Testing, testing, testing – when did you last check your backup provision? Does it work? We check all systems 24/7 to ensure 100% service in a crisis

Saving data that matters – worried your laptop could get stolen or damaged with great loss of data? We can instantly restore the backup of every single file onto another machine so you can always get back what you need

Ensuring compliance with data protection laws – are you on top of the Data Protection Act and strict European rules such as GDPR enforced from 25th May 2018? We constantly monitor all legal changes to keep your systems fully compliant

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