Did you know… 63% of organisations can only cope with four hours or less of downtime before damage kicks in

(source: Laserfiche)

Pre-empting emergencies can mean the difference between survival and bankruptcy. As internet security experts, we at Adstent will analyse your IT provision, assess all risks and safeguard your data whatever the problem or emergency. We do this by…

Monitoring systems regularly – is your hard disk on its last legs? We’ll identify any flaws and replace it

Devising a disaster recovery plan – do you get nightmares about system failure? Forget them! We’ll assess down-time costs and create options to cover all contingencies

Keeping your email ‘live’ – do you think no email means, no clients? We can install a service ‘in front’ of the email queue to retrieve emails direct from the server until the system is restored and thus avoid ‘bounce back’ messages to customers

Updating staff on current threats – do your staff know your emergency IT drills and contingency plans during a power cut, internet crash, fire or phone network failure? We’ll provide ‘real-time’ training to bring them up to speed

Advising on password policy – do you and your staff understand
the importance of good password use? We’ll help you promote best practice

Installing more of the same kit – do you have a mix of different brand PCs and printers? We’ll standardise IT items when they need replacing – so if one breaks down you can swap parts and still function with minimum fuss

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Adstent Continuity Data Sheet