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Our Passion – trouble free technology

Technology is great when it works!
The technological progress made in the last 25 years or so, has been phenomenal. Not so long ago, something as simple as sending an email was difficult as you had to connect your computer via a telephone line and dial a number to the person receiving the email to warn them it was coming. Now we send email without any thought as to how they get sent and are surprised when they don’t arrive. The days of card index files and massive rows of filling cabinets have also gone, replaced with modern data bases and data warehouses.

Unfortunately, all devices – especially when connected to the Internet or a company network are liable to be compromised, hacked, damaged and/or stolen if the necessary backup systems and prevention is not present.

We at Adstent are passionate about technology working for you and not holding you hostage to its fallibilities’.

Which is why Adstent was born!

To help your business benefit from hassle free IT technology.

After a decade of working in the IT security industry  our founder Mat, tired of helping friends who’s systems had crashed losing important data or fallen prey to criminals hacking their IT equipment, set up Adstent, to help them enjoy using technology to its maximum potential without worry.

Today everyone at Adstent shares this compelling passion with even greater vigour; to help others take full advantage of the technology on offer and avoid new and existing threats that are discovered all the time. Mat (now with a few grey hairs) and his team strongly believe that you focus on what you doing best; rather than waste time reading a printer manual followed by 3hrs on making it do what it was designed to do. Or spend time at great stress to recover lost data files. Leave it with us. So you can go and put your feet up doing something that makes you happy or concentrate on being productive.

At Adstent, we all want to help other professionals avoid threats and take full advantage of modern IT and technology.

We are passionate about making technology work best for you. We focus on small to medium-sized businesses and professionals (accountants, solicitors, architects, etc) that need round-the-clock IT support but are not large enough to justify full-time IT staff help. This way our clients get the full benefit of a dedicated ‘extended’ staff member without the overhead and disadvantage of the cost.

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Some of the industry sectors Adstent focuses on

Legal Finance and Accounting  Professional Services

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